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LOGR-S data logger

Product code:LOGR-S
Supplier:NRG Systems
Price: Inquiry

LOGR-S is NRG Systems’ first data logger designed specifically for the solar energy industry. Based on decades of data logger development and manufacturing experience, LOGR-S features the same user-friendliness that has come to define NRG’s data logger line, while satisfying the increasing demand for reliable, high-quality solar resource measurements on operating PV plants.


LOGR-S integrates seamlessly with NRG’s Solar Resource Monitoring (SRM) System, allowing users to plug into their plant’s SCADA network with ease. LOGR-S’ modular design can also be adjusted to accommodate a project’s unique measurement requirements. Additionally, LOGR-S features:


  • compatibility with the most commonly used SRM sensors
  • high-resolution, high-accuracy analog measurements
  • built-in and optional PV input module for soiling measurements
  • configurable serial measurement capability for data acquisition from digital sensors
  • integrated communications capabilities
  • storage capacity for historical real-time data
  • automated delivery of historical data


LOGR-S is supported by our expert Technical Services team who can assist our global customers via in-the-field and remote trainings, installation assistance, and more.


PV (#9431)


Instrument type High utility data logger and real-time sensor interface
Applications Solar resource monitoring


Sampling interval 1 Hz (IEC 61724-1 compliant)
Averaging interval 1-minute (IEC 61724-1 compliant)
Real time clock Internal battery-backed with time synchronization
Storage medium 8 GB microSD
Maximum data storage 90 days (all data with maximum configuration)
Channel Capacity • Fourteen (14) analog channels (single-ended); Seven (7) differential
• Twenty-four (24) serial channels via two (2) RS-485 communication ports
• Two (2) PV Input channels (soiling measurement)
• Ten (10) calculated channels plus dedicated soiling ratio calculation
• Counter channel support coming soon
Analog Channels Sensor Compatibility Compatible with a wide array of sensors including:
• Standard analog sensors including NRG meteorological sensor suite (T60 Temperature, BP60 Barometric Pressure, RH5X Relative Humidity, etc.)
• Industry-standard pyranometers (Hukseflux SRxx series, EKO MS-xx series, Kipp & Zonen CMP series, etc.)
• 10K NTC Thermistor and RTD (PT100, PT1000) type temperature sensors
Analog Measurement Accuracy Uncertainty (k=2):
  • 450 µV @ (-10 to +10) V
  • 61 µV @ (-1 to +1) V
  • 8.5 µV @ (-70 to +70) mV
RS-485 Channels Sensor Compatibility Supports configurable Modbus RTU data acquisition. Contact NRG to discuss support for additional model types or protocols.
Parameters recorded for each channel • Average
• Standard deviation
• Minimum/Maximum 1-sec sample

Note: Statistics reported on each channel dependent on measurement type
Data delivery • Real-time data delivery via Modbus registers (TCP via Ethernet or RTU via RS-485)
• Scheduled delivery of historical data via FTP
• On-demand transfer of historical data via internal web server to FTP
Security Password-protected web server access


Analog measurement resolution 24-bit signed A/D conversion
Type • Onboard web server for logger configuration and administration
• Modbus Demo Client to test configured unit prior to connecting to SCADA


User interface • Web-based user interface via Ethernet connected computing device with Google Chrome browser
• Recessed reset button on front panel
• Audible beeper for user feedback


Sensor wiring Integrated wiring panel featuring removable terminal blocks:
• Seven (7) dedicated analog sensor wiring ports
• Four (4) dedicated RS-485 sensor wiring ports
• Two (2) dedicated PV input ports
• Enclosure ground lug connects to earth ground with included ground cable
Expansion slots Available module slots include:
• MCU (processor) module
• Analog module
• PV input module
• Counter module (coming soon)
Communication ports • Ethernet port for web browser, FTP, Modbus TCP (server)
• RS-485 port for Modbus RTU (server)


Batteries Coin cell battery for clock backup
External power input (16 to 28) VDC
External solar input Contact NRG sales for accompanying backup power supply system options
External power output • Constant 12 V source for powering analog sensors (50 mA per excitation port, 7 ports)
• Constant 12 V source for powering modbus sensors (1000 mA shared by three COM-A ports and additional 1000mA to COM-B port)


Mounting 35 mm DIN Rail
Tools required • Screwdriver for wiring input terminals (included)
• LAN-connected computing device with Google Chrome web browser


Operating temperature range -40 °C to 65 °C (-40 °F to 149 °F)
Operating humidity range • 0 to 100% relative humidity non-condensing
• IP65 ingress protection with proper installation in NRG shelter box enclosure


Dimensions (190.5 x 101.6 x 101.6) mm


Enclosure Formed aluminum enclosure
  • High-utility data logger and real-time sensor interface for solar resource monitoring
  • Purpose-built, modular platform delivers straightforward functionality
  • Flexible and scalable design accommodates each project's unique requirements
  • Accurate and reliable data collection for critical measurements 
  • Increased efficiency when installing and integrating environmental sensors into SCADA systems

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