Maintaining – Repairing – Warranty

After-sales and technical support are particularly valued by Digi technology Co., Ltd. Our goal is to ensure that the products provided by Digi always operate stably and efficiently.

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With many experience years in quality assurance and after-sales services, Digi’s technical department is responsible for warranty, repair and maintenance for all equipment supplied by Digi. In addition, our technicians regularly participate in intensive training courses on warranty, maintenance and replacement of components with modern repair equipment. Therefore, our company always ensures that we response quickly and timely to the needs of customers.

Warranty Policy

  • Equipment will be completely free of charge for technical defects from the manufacturer (Warranty date is indicated on the label)
  • The warranty period will depend on the device, solutions, as well as the company’s program

Case are not covered by warranty

  • Equipment is out of warranty period
  • Free softwares are provided with the machine
  • Technical errors come from users (not manufacturer’s technical errors)
  • Arbitrarily dismantling, repairing by individuals or technicians who are not employees of Digi
  • Force Majeure Clause: Damage due to flooding, lighting strikes, voltage source problems, etc. Customers use equipment that are not in accordance with the user manual or arbitrarily disassemble, repair equipment, damage due to drops, strong impacts or due to corrosive chemical, explosion

Technical Support

During the warranty period, we will provide completely free technical support services to ensure that the products, delivered and installed systems are in stable operation.

The technical support services which we provide include: software installation, user manual, maintenance.

Support service for equipment installation and operation through communication channels between customers and Digi’s technical staff. Clients using the service can receive support from technicians through the service system of phone, email, Zalo or teamviewer (remote control). In special cases, we will send specialized technicians to the place to support customers.

On-demand technical support: The service allows customers to receive direct support from Digi’s technicians or experts in the process of installing, operating, maintaining products and systems. The detailed content of the on-demand technical support service is provided depending on the needs of the customer.

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Technical advice

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of providing measurement equipment and solutions. We commit to guiding and consulting to help customers solve their needs at the most reasonable price, use the device in the simplest and most effective way.


  • Cleaning, sanitizing, checking the operating status of technical details
  • Repair if damage occurs
  • Replacement of equipment components (charges apply)

Note: Warranty does not cover shipping and handling costs

Thank you very much for your interest and trust in Digi

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