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Hệ thống kiểm tra bộ lọc - DFP 3000

Compressed air filter testing system newly developed DFP 3000 provides fully automated measurements of fractionation efficiency for compressed air filters under overpressure up to 7 bar, providing better in-process results than ISO 12500.


U-SMPS 1050/1100/1200

Universal scanning mobility particle sizer for various applications (4 – 600 nm)


Fine Dust Monitoring Devices Fidas Frog

Battery powered, portable fine dust measurement device with detachable control panel, for outdoor, indoor and workplace measurements based on EN 481


Mask / respirator inspection system - Mas-Q-Check

The Mas-Q-Check was developed by Palas to subject protective masks to a quick, simple and yet meaningful test before use. A particle counting measurement device is used, which is able to detect efficiencies in the size range of viruses and bacteria. The system can also be used for training purposes as it immediately shows the efficiency of protective masks.


AQ Guard

AQ Guard is Measuring device for monitoring indoor air quality Measurement of dust concentrations starting at 150 nm (*1) incl. CO2 and tVOC for calculation of air quality and infection risk index.


Human Vibration Meter - HVM200

The HVM200 is a small rugged vibration meter with built in Wi-Fi that can be used to measure hand-arm, whole body and general vibration. It includes the metrics and frequency weightings needed to measure human vibration. This 3 channel meter meets the requirements of ISO 8041:2005 and it is designed to measure per ISO 2631-1, 2 & 5 and ISO 5349 in support of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) and the directive 2002/44/EC.


Our services

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Digi provides maintenance services, measuring equipment maintenance, genuine parts replacement with a team of professional technicians with over 20 years of experience.

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Coming to Digi, you will be consulted on the most optimal solution in terms of both needs and costs. Then conduct a survey of the actual situation, plan the installation and training.

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Before the large investments in measuring equipment, many customers came to and used the measuring equipment rental service from Digi.


Digi Technology Co., Ltd established in 2000 has a long history in the field of distribution and technical support for measuring equipment, energy audit and environmental monitoring.

Digi is the official and sole distribution representative in Vietnam of the following brands: TESTO AG (Germany), BK Precision (USA), MCC (USA), NRG System (USA), DataTaker (Australia), LaMotte (US), The Modal Shop (USA), Palas (Germany)…

We apply the motto “Prestige – Quality – Efficiency” in business, with a team of engineers and sales executives who are highly trained in application, operation as well as handling technical problems. We commit to support you 24/7 in technology transfer, maintenance during the life of the equipment.

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