Digi’s introduction

Digi Technologies Co., Ltd established in 2000 has a long history in the field of distribution and technical support for measuring equipment, energy audit and environmental monitoring. Digi is the official and sole distribution representative in Vietnam of the following brands: TESTO AG (Germany), BK Precision (USA), MCC (USA), NRG System (USA), DataTaker (Australia), Lamotte (USA), The Modal Shop (USA), Palas (Germany),… 

Coming to Digi, customers will be consulted to choose equipment and measurement solutions which are suitable for their needs at the most reasonable cost. We apply the motto “Credibility – Quality – Efficiency” in business, with a team of engineers and sales executives who are highly trained in application, operation as well as handling technical problems. We commit to support you 24/7 in technology transfer, maintenance during the life of the equipment.

Tầm nhìn công ty Digi


Providing Vietnamese businesses with the best measuring equipment and services. Quality meets international standards.

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Digi chooses its own path in which priority is given to quality over sales, refining products and services instead of expanding the market without direction in order to bring customers the most satisfaction with products and services provided by the company.

Digi towards a leader in measurement equipment for the renewable energy, emissions and measurement solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries, HVAC and thermal imager.

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Core values

In the field of metrology, reliability is a top priority. At Digi, reliability is understood at a higher level, including: high reliability in the machines we provide, reliability in after-sales service, reliability in goods, services and progress for partners.

At Digi, we consider employees as the most important factor. Employees are respected, assigned to the right job and enjoy a friendly and openly working enviroment.

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